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African Food Banga soup

African Cuisine Banga soup

African Dish: Banga soup

Banga soup Ingredients

1 Banga(, palm fruits).
2 Pepper.
3 Crayfish.
4 Kpomo.
5 Goat meat.
6 Stockfish.
7 Periwinkle.
8 Atama.
9 Dryfish.
10 Shrimps(, optional).

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Boil all your beef and stockfish, until little or no stock remaining then set aside. Boil your palm fruits and extract the oil out with warm water put in a pot, and put on fire ( only the water throw away the chaff and seed. Then put on fire don't cover it. As it boils put all ingredients and your beef and stock fish and dryfish. Please when you extract no too much water. Allow to cook until it get think then add atama allow to.cook for few seconds and bring down..
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