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African Cuisine Banga soup

African Dish Banga soup

West African Foods: Banga soup

Banga soup Ingredients

1 mudu banga.
2 banga spices.
3 kpomo and beef.
4 seasoning.
5 crayfish.
6 grinded pepper.
7 salt.
8 dried bitterleaf.
9 beletete.
10 meatstock.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Extract the banga juice and boil the juice until it is thick. After boiling your meat and pomo until cooked, add it to the banga juice.
Step 2 Add banga spices.
Step 3 Then add crayfish and pepper.
Step 4 Taste to be sure the seasoning is okay.
Step 5 Add little dried bitter leaf and beletete leaves.
Step 6 Leave it to cook for 15minutes but reduce the heat.
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