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African Food Banga Soup

African Dish Banga Soup

African Dish: Banga Soup

Banga Soup Ingredients

1 7 cups palm kernel seed.
2 3 medium dry fish.
3 3 tsp dry pepper.
4 3 tsp crayfish.
5 2 cubes Maggi star.
6 1 and half tsp of salt.
7 2 tbsp banga spice.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash palm seeds put in a pot and let boil for 20 minutes check to see that it's soft drain the water pour the seeds in a bowl and massage with your hands if too hot use a yam pounder to pound it till all the skin detached from the seed ball..
Step 2 Add 3 cups of water and mix with hand to bring out the oil from the fiber if you need to add more water do but make sure it's not too much not to make it too watery because then you have to boil for hours to get a thick consistency..
Step 3 Pour in a clean pot all allow to boil for 20 minutes after 15 minute add your all your grounded leaf, salt, Maggi, stir..
Step 4 Wash the dry fish with salt and warm water and add to the soup cover for 5 minutes..
Step 5 Serve with any swallow of your choice but I would prefer hot yellow eba.
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