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West African Foods Banga soup

African Dish Banga soup

African Cuisine: Banga soup

Banga soup Ingredients

1 palm fruits.
2 stock fish.
3 cksp of crayfish.
4 yellow pepper.
5 Salt.
6 meat.
7 Maggi.
8 small bulb onion.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Boil the palmfruit with enough water for 45mins..
Step 2 Boil meat and stock fish with onion,Maggi and salt till is soft..
Step 3 Squeeze the palm fruits with small warm water till there is no more oil on it..
Step 4 Pour in a pot and boil till is a bit thick pour in the meat and stock fish with the stock..
Step 5 Allow to boil like 15mins then add crayfish,Maggi and salt..
Step 6 Allow to boil till is thick(not too thick).banga is ready better serve with rice..
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