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Traditional African Foods My African salad

African Food My African salad

Traditional African Foods: My African salad

My African salad Ingredients

1 2 cups dried abacha.
2 1/2 cube seasoning.
3 2 tea spoons of palm oil.
4 1/2 onion bulb(sliced).
5 Scented leave.
6 1/2 teaspoon dried pepper.
7 Garden eggs.
8 2 spoons crayfish (blended).

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Get a bowl and soak the dried abacha in a lukewarm water for 5min..
Step 2 Place pot on heat after which you add oil to heat for one min..
Step 3 Add already sliced onion, and blended crayfish together with the dried pepper in the oil to fry for one min..
Step 4 Then remove abacha from water to drain..
Step 5 After which the drained abacha is added to mix and fry for one min along with other ingredients..
Step 6 Abacha is now ready for consumption.
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