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African Food Banga soup

African Cuisine Banga soup

West African Foods: Banga soup

Banga soup Ingredients

1 Snails, cow tail, shrimps, perewinkles, dry fish, stockfish.
2 Palm nuts (Banga).
3 Crayfish, onions, pepper.
4 Cooking spices/herbs.
5 Salt.
6 Seasoning.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash Banga clean and boil till soft.
Step 2 Wash meat, snail and all and set aside, dice onions and parboil meat, shrimps and snail with onions, salt and seasoning cubes..
Step 3 Wen Banga is soft, put in a mortar and pound till the skin is seperated from the nuts then use hot water to extract the oil and set in high heat to boil.
Step 4 Pound all local spices to smooth and sieve with a little water to extract the aromatic herbal juice and add it to the pot of boiling Banga, add dry bitterleave and allow to boil till getting dry then add meat stock, leave to boil further after a while add meat, snail and every other protein, pepper, onions, salt, seasoning cubes, crayfish and allow to boil, stir carefully, the more U carefully store with all the proteins in it starts to thicken. Taste to be sure everything is okay.
Step 5 Allow to boil till it's okay then set aside. Eat with any kind of swallow. Yummy!.
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