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African Food Banga Soup with Turkey meat

Traditional African Foods Banga Soup with Turkey meat

African Cuisine: Banga Soup with Turkey meat

Banga Soup with Turkey meat Ingredients

1 500 g palm fruit.
2 2 Native seasoning(Ogiri Okpeyi).
3 1 bundle Scent leaf.
4 Fresh red pepper.
5 1 cup Crayfish.
6 2 Seasoning cube (knorr).
7 1 bundle Pumpkin leaf(Ugu).
8 Salt.
9 1 big bulb Onions.
10 2 kilo Turkey meat.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash and cook palm fruit till soft. Then pound and extract the juice using water..
Step 2 Put to boil for about 5minutes..
Step 3 Wash turkey meat and place in a clean pot, add 1 seasoning cube, salt and sliced onions. Add a little water and cook for 15minutes till water is almost dried and turkey is a bit soft..
Step 4 Pour the cooked turkey into the boiled palm fruit extract..
Step 5 Grind the fresh pepper together with crayfish and native seasoning. Put mixture into the soup, add the remaining seasoning cube and a little more salt to bring out the taste. Cook for 10minutes..
Step 6 Add the Scent leaf and pumpkin leaf and cook for just 2minutes..
Step 7 Serve with rice etc..
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