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So Yummy Coconut rice with irish Nigerian Dish

Best Food Ever: Coconut rice with irish no doubt is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. Today we will prepare Coconut rice with irish. When I cook coconut rice and prawn sambal, it always brings back memories of my childhood, and in more recent years, of our family holidays in Irish Times Food&Drink Club. Exclusive events, competitions, reviews & recipes Join now. Coconut rice recipe – Coconut rice is a easy and flavorful rice dish made using fresh grated coconut, tempering spices and rice.

Coconut rice with irish

Easy Yummy Coconut rice with irish Nigerian Dish

Jasmine rice, coconut, coconut milk, water, and salt combine in a rice cooker for the coconut rice of your dreams. Serve with Indian and Thai Coconut rice is one of those delicious and decadent dishes available to you when you're at an Indian or Thai restaurant. But there's no big mystery about how to. You can simply prepare Coconut rice with irish in 5 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 It’s of Coconut.
2 It’s of Rice.
3 About of Meat,maggi, salt,veg oil.
4 It’s of Irish.
5 Prepare of Vegetables like carrot,onion,fresh pepper,green beans and peas.
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Coconut rice is a simple, flavorful dish that goes great with curries, stir-fries, chicken, or beef. To serve, combine the rice with a beef or. Make this Indian-style coconut rice with three kinds of coconut: shredded coconut, coconut oil, and coconut water. In a saucepan, combine coconut milk, water, sugar, and salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Perboil your rice half done while you chop your vegetables.
Step 2 Grate the coconut,blend and seive,then keep.
Step 3 Heat up the pot, put little veg oil, add up your condiments and stir,and after 30seconds,pour the coconut water and Allow to boil a li..
Step 4 Turn the rice into the pot and turn,cover a little, when the water is almost dried,add up your veggies and stir a little. Oops/Turn off heat and it's redy.

Bring to a boil over medium heat. Rinse and drain rice in cold water. Place in a saucepan with water, coconut milk, and salt. Preparation Rinse rice in a large bowl with cool water until water runs clear. Coconut rice is not just a healthy meal, it is also delicious, especially when you use really matured-sweet coconuts.