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Best Food Ever: Coconut jollof rice Nigerian Cuisine

Tasty Food Coconut jollof rice undoubtedly is one of my favorite nigerian dish. Today we will prepare Coconut jollof rice. Coconut Jollof Rice -One pot Aromatic Chicken & Rice cooked slowing cooked with coconut milk and coconut powder Easy, Flavorful and Delicious. Coconut Jellof rice is one of my son's favorite. This coconut Jollof rice is another version of Jollof rice in which the water in the plain Jollof rice is substitute with coconut milk.

Coconut jollof rice

Easy Yummy Coconut jollof rice Nigerian Cuisine

Jollof Rice Coconut Milk is a one-pot rice dish. It is popular in many West African countries including Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Senegal. This dish originated during the Jollof Empire and this is where it. You can simply prepare Coconut jollof rice in 8 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 It’s of Rice.
2 Take of Coconut milk.
3 It’s of Coconut oil.
4 It’s of Fish.
5 Take of Fresh tomatoes/pepper.
6 About of Knor maggi.
7 You need of Spices.
8 It’s of Cryfish.

Coconut Jollof Rice is simply a Jollof Rice style dish cooked with Coconut milk instead of just I posted a recipe for Coconut Fried Rice a while ago and promised to post one for Coconut Jollof rice. This is one of those recipes that I debated sharing for a long time; why you ask – well, my husband There are two things that set my coconut Jollof apart – One is in the use of my. Nigerian Coconut Rice is always a welcomed dish in many homes, parties or events. It's rich coconut taste and aroma always get my guests asking for more.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Paboil your rice and set aside.
Step 2 Put your pot on the fire and add your oil when is hot add onions and sliced tomatoes and pepper.
Step 3 Let it fry and add your coconut milk and fresh fish and all your ingredient and cover..
Step 4 After five minutes add your rice mix and cover allow to cook then your cocout rice is ready.

Jollof rice is a very common dish prepared in many African countries and each recipe differs depending on the nation. I specifically prepare the Nigerian party jollof rice which I still feel is one of. Coconut Jollof Rice. by: Kitchen Butterfly. If you're observant you will realise I have a thing for coconuts, this explains why I have a Coconut Jollof Rice Recipe HERE and a Coconut Fried Rice HERE I made last Christmas -Both Epic! Nigerian Jollof Rice or Jellof rice is a rich and incredibly tasty west African one-pot Meal.