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African Cuisine Golden Ogbono Soup

West African Foods Golden Ogbono Soup

Traditional African Foods: Golden Ogbono Soup

Golden Ogbono Soup Ingredients

1 Cooked and seasoned brisket bone.
2 Cooked and seasoned Beef.
3 Ground Ogbono.
4 Ground Crayfish 2cksp.
5 Palm Oil 11/2cksp.
6 Pepper.
7 Seasoning Cubes 2.
8 Salt.
9 Shredded Okro.
10 Okpei2PCs (mashed).

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Put beef stock in a pot,add palm oil,crayfish, pepper,okpei,bring to boil,add ogbono,stir,cook for 2mins,taste to adjust with seasoning cube and salt, add beef and brisket bone,Cook for 2mins,add okro,stir,cook for 1min,don't cover while cooking, turn off heat,ready!!!Go!!!Enjoy!!!.
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