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African Cuisine Yellow Habanero Pepper Ogbono Soup

Traditional African Foods Yellow Habanero Pepper Ogbono Soup

African Cuisine: Yellow Habanero Pepper Ogbono Soup

Yellow Habanero Pepper Ogbono Soup Ingredients

1 Ground Ogbono.
2 Crayfish.
3 Okpei 1(mashed).
4 Beef.
5 Dried Fish.
6 Ponmo100g.
7 Okro 100g(shreded).
8 Sliced Ugu.
9 Palm oil.
10 Seasoning.
11 Salt.
12 Crushed habanero pepper.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash beef and ponmo separately,use knife to scrape off the back and inside the ponmo while washing,rinse well, put both in a pot, season for 1hr,add lil water,cook for3mins,meanwhile,soak dry fish in hot water,debone it,rinse,set aside,top up a lil more water in the stock, add palm oil,crayfish, mashed okpei,pepper, seasoning, bring to boil,add Ogbono,stir,add dry fish,boil for 3mins,add salt, add okro(don't cover),stir,cook for 1min,add ugu,stir,cook for 1min,turn off heat…ready to eat!!!.
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