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African Cuisine Okro soup

West African Foods Okro soup

Traditional African Foods: Okro soup

Okro soup Ingredients

1 finger okro (grated).
2 ground crayfish.
3 Already fried ice fish.
4 ogbono.
5 palm oil.
6 maggi cube.
7 fresh pepper (blended).
8 onion bulb (blended).
9 Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Pour palm oil into a dry pot, add pepper,onions then stir for 1min.After which you add grated okro, ogbono and mix everything..
Step 2 Still stir okro for 3min.Then add water, maggi,crayfish,salt allow to boil for 8min then add fried fish..
Step 3 Allow fish to boil for 5min then mix everything together and serve.
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