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African Cuisine Bitterleaf soup

African Cuisine Bitterleaf soup

Traditional African Foods: Bitterleaf soup

Bitterleaf soup Ingredients

1 Cocoyam.
2 Bitterleaf.
3 Ofo.
4 Salt.
5 Maggi.
6 Stock fish.
7 Meat.
8 cooking spoon Palmoil.
9 Onion.
10 wrap of ogiri.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak the bitterleaf with warm water and salt for 10minutes.rinse twice and keep aside..
Step 2 Cook the meat and stockfish with maggi cubes,salt,onion till is chewable..
Step 3 Boil the cocoyam for 30minutes,peel and pound very well add a teaspoon of palmoil..
Step 4 Pour in more water to the boiled meat and stockfish boil for 3minutes and add the cocoyam in balls.pour in palmoil and cover to boil for 5minutes..
Step 5 Add the blended ofo make sure is stirred very well to avoid lumps.then blend the crayfiah and fresh pepper and add..
Step 6 Add salt,maggi cubes,ogiri, and boil fpr another 5minutes.then add the bitterleaf.boil for 3minutes is ready to be enjoyed..
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