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Traditional African Foods Bitterleaf soup

African Food Bitterleaf soup

African Food: Bitterleaf soup

Bitterleaf soup Ingredients

1 bitterleaf.
2 Salt.
3 Cocoyam.
4 Fresh pepper.
5 cksp palm oil.
6 Meat.
7 medium sized Stockfish.
8 Maggi.
9 cksp crayfish.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Boil the meat and stockfish with maggi cubes and salt for 25minutes..
Step 2 Boil the cocoyam,for 35minutes..
Step 3 Pound the cocoyam with a teaspoon of palmoil.pound till no lump is found..
Step 4 Add more water to the meat and palmoil.boil it for 8mins.then mould the cocoyam in small balls and add..
Step 5 Boil for 10mins by now it will be a bit thick..
Step 6 Add maggi cubes,fresh pepper,salt,crayfish and cover.boil for 10mins..
Step 7 Wash bitterleaf and add.boil for 5mins..
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