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African Dish Bitterleaf soup

Traditional African Foods Bitterleaf soup

African Cuisine: Bitterleaf soup

Bitterleaf soup Ingredients

1 Big bunch Bitterleaf.
2 15 pieces Cocoyam.
3 Salt.
4 3 Fresh pepper.
5 3 cksp Palmoil.
6 1 teaspoon Ofo.
7 Few pieces Meat.
8 1 Stock Fish.
9 2 ckspCrayfish.
10 Maggi.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash and Boil cocoyam for 25mins..
Step 2 Boil meat and stockfish with onion,maggi and salt till is soft and tender..
Step 3 Peel and pound cocoyam with the ofo very well.add teaspoon Of palmoil..
Step 4 Add more water to the already boiled meat..
Step 5 Allow it to boil.mould the cocoyam in big balls and add to it..
Step 6 Add palmoil as well.boil for 5minutes..
Step 7 Add crayfish,maggi,pepper,salt and ogiri..
Step 8 Boil it for 5minutes..
Step 9 Wash the bitterleaf..wash till is not too bitter again..
Step 10 Pour inside the soup.stir and enjoy..
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