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African Food Traditional Hausa Jollof Rice

African Cuisine Traditional Hausa Jollof Rice

African Food: Traditional Hausa Jollof Rice

Traditional Hausa Jollof Rice Ingredients

1 rice.
2 pepper n 1 big onions.
3 big Tomatoes.
4 iru(daddawa) grinded.
5 small sized sweet potatoes.
6 Seasonings, salt n spices.
7 palmoil.
8 Water.
9 Meat.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash ur rice n perboil it n den strain off the water..
Step 2 Grate ur pepper n sm part of the onion n keep the rest for slicing..
Step 3 Cook ur meat wv spices(garlic,ginger n curry)onions till tender..
Step 4 Fry ur palmoil with grated ginger paste n onions. Add up ur grated pepper n onion n fry…add ur meat stock,seasonings,salt,meat,spice,iru n little water..
Step 5 Wash n cut ur potatoes into medium bits….n keep.
Step 6 Add ur perboiled rice to the boiling pot n allow to cook.
Step 7 Wen the water is about to dries up,add ur cut sweet potatoes n stir…allow to cook over medium heat for 5 min..
Step 8 Slice onions n tomatoes on the rice n cover to simmer for 2 mins. Take off the fire n serve…..
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