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West African Foods Groundnut soup with bitterleaf

African Cuisine Groundnut soup with bitterleaf

Traditional African Foods: Groundnut soup with bitterleaf

Groundnut soup with bitterleaf Ingredients

1 3 cups Groundnut.
2 2 cups Bitterleaves.
3 Salt.
4 2 cups Red oil.
5 2 cups Grinded crayfish.
6 5 pieces Pepper.
7 1 medium Stockfish.
8 1 kg Meat.
9 1 big Smoked fish.
10 3 Knorr cubes.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak the bitterleaf and squeeze till is no longer too bitter..
Step 2 Boil the meat and stockfish with salt,onion and knorr cubes..
Step 3 Bleach palmoil and fry the grinded groundnut stir as you fry.fry for 5minutes..
Step 4 Pour in the boiled meat and stockfish and 2cups of water.leave it to boil uncovered and stir very well at least 10-15minutes..
Step 5 Put the grinded Crayfish,salt,knorr cubes,fresh pepper and smoked fish (remove the bones and dirt).
Step 6 After 8 minutes,rinse the bitterleaf and add.Boil for 2minutes and the soup is ready..
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