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Delicious Food Nigerian Iru Jollof #fb2k Nigerian Food

So Yummy Nigerian Iru Jollof #fb2k must be one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. I will guide you to make Nigerian Iru Jollof #fb2k.

Nigerian Iru Jollof #fb2k

Delicious Food Nigerian Iru Jollof #fb2k Nigerian Cuisine

You can simply cook Nigerian Iru Jollof #fb2k by following 12 ingredients and just 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 Approximately 3 cups of rice.
2 Prepare 1 cup of white beans.
3 Take 1/4 cup of Iru (locust beans).
4 About 1/2 cup of palm oil.
5 About 8 of habanero Pepper.
6 Take 1 of Onion.
7 You need 5 of stock cubes.
8 Prepare 1/4 cup of Crayfish blended.
9 Approximately to taste of Salt.
10 Approximately of Water.
11 Approximately 3 of plantain chopped for garnishing.
12 About 2 of kpanla fish washed and deboned.
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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Pick, wash and parboil beans, when it's half done wash rice and add allow to parboil. Wash and set aside..
Step 2 Blend pepper, onion and Crayfish. Wash and debone fish..
Step 3 Preheat palm oil in a pot, add pepper, iru and onion stir fry for few seconds and add fish. Add some water, stock cubes, salt, Crayfish cover the pot and allow to boil..
Step 4 Pour the rice and beans mixture, stir gently and allow to cook till it's done and water is dry..
Step 5 Peel and chop plantain into desired shape..
Step 6 Deep fry in a preheated oil and serve along with your rice and beans..