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Easy Delicious Narali bhat/coconut rice Nigerian Cuisine

So Yummy Narali bhat/coconut rice no doubt is our favorite nigerian food. Today we will prepare Narali bhat/coconut rice. In a pan take ghee and fry dry friuts. Irrestible and quick narali rice or coconut rice recipe. Narali rice is a popular South Indian rice preparation with coconut.

Narali bhat/coconut rice

Easy Yummy Narali bhat/coconut rice Nigerian Dish

Meanwhile boil coconut milk, water, pinch of salt. Let it boil on medium high. Narali Bhat is a delicious rice recipe made with coconut and sugar. You can have Narali bhat/coconut rice in 8 ingredients and only 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 It’s 1 cup of soaked rice.
2 Approximately 1 cup of grated fresh coconut.
3 Prepare 3/4 cup of sugar.
4 You need 1 tbspn of ghee.
5 Take 3-4 of cardamoms.
6 Prepare 3-4 of cloves.
7 It’s 1 pinch of food colour diluted in 1 tspn milk (optional).
8 About 1/2 cup of chopped almonds and cashews.

The recipe is best to satisfy your sweet tooth. This vegetarian recipe is hugely popular in coastal areas where coconut is in abundance. This easy to make recipe is served as main and loved by those with sweet cravings. Indian Sweet Coconut rice is easy and delicious.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 In a pan take ghee and fry dry friuts. Take them aside..
Step 2 Add coconut, sugar, food add cloves,cardamoms to ghee and add rice and roast for 5 mins..
Step 3 Add 1/4 tspn salt,water for rice to cook and mix well and cook with lid till rice is almost done..
Step 4 Add coconut,food colour, sugar and cook till rice is perfectly done. Add fried dry fruits and serve..

A traditional celebration rice, kid-friendly Narali bhat is fragranced with cardamom, saffron, and cinnamon, for an amazing aroma and taste. Sweet Coconut Rice, also known as "Narali Bhath" is a traditional Maharashtrian recipe cooked with basmati rice, grated coconut and a hint of aromatic cloves, cardamom, and saffron! आवश्यक सामग्री – Ingredients for Narali Bhat Recipe. I THINK COCONUT RICE IS VERY TESTY! Narali bhaat or Sweet coconut rice pudding is a rice dish from the western Indian state of Maharashtra. It is known as Narali Bhat in Marathi as Narali bhat is made on 'Narali Pournima' day, a 'Coconut festival day' which falls on a full moon day in the rainy season, mostly in August.