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African Cuisine Beef shawarma by chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸

African Food Beef shawarma by chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸

African Dish: Beef shawarma by chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸

Beef shawarma by chef_maryumms_cuisine🌸 Ingredients

1 2 shawarma bread.
2 Fresh beef.
3 Scotch bonnet.
4 Chops onion.
5 Mayonese.
6 Ketchup.
7 All spices.
8 Seasoning.
9 Curry.
10 Thyme.
11 Garlic.
12 Vegetable oil.
13 Chops cabbage.
14 Chops carrot.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 On the heat,put the frypan and add some little vegetable oil,add the meat and stir fry,add the onion,garlic,thyme,seasoning all spices,curry and stir fry cover it up.
Step 2 Keep stir frying it untill everything is well combine and fried.
Step 3 Add the scotchbonnet stir fry.
Step 4 Keep stirring it in a low heat.
Step 5 Remove it and keep it aside.
Step 6 Mix some ketchup and mayonese.
Step 7 In a bowl mix cabbage with carrot and put some mixture of the cream(mayonese&ketchup).
Step 8 Put the shawarma bread on a clean and flat surface,apply the cream mixture and arrage the spicy meat with the cabbage mixture,wrap it well and toast it for some minute..
Step 9 .
Step 10 .
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