turmeric and cummin seeds coconut rice recipe main photo

Tasty Food Turmeric and cummin seeds coconut rice Nigerian Cuisine

So Tasty Turmeric and cummin seeds coconut rice definitely is our favorite nigerian dish. I will guide you to make Turmeric and cummin seeds coconut rice. I was using freshly grated coconut. Grains And Rice, Coconut Flake, Coconut Milk, Rice, Sesame Seed, Dinner, Weekday, Main Course, Vegan, Vegetarian. In the same pot, melt the coconut oil over medium-low.

Turmeric and cummin seeds coconut rice

So Yummy Turmeric and cummin seeds coconut rice Nigerian Cuisine

Burmese-Inspired Chicken Braised in Coconut Milk. Serve this delicious Turmeric Coconut Rice for your next meal. Brown rice simmered in seasoned coconut milk with onion, garlic and thyme. You can easily cook Turmeric and cummin seeds coconut rice in 5 ingredients and just 7 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do that.


1 Prepare 1 of kilo pishori rice.
2 It’s 1 tsp of turmeric powder.
3 About 1/4 tsp of cummin seeds.
4 It’s 2 tsp of salt.
5 About of Coconut milk.

This Turmeric Coconut Rice is by far the most popular rice recipe on my website, I decided to do some new photos. Flavorful coconut turmeric rice which can be prepared in one pot! If you like rice, you will love this healthy vegan side dish. It can be easily made oil-free and it's naturally gluten-free.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Measure around 6 glasses of coconut milk. I was using freshly grated coconut. If you're using packed coconut milk please add water to get 6 glasses don't make it too dilute.
Step 2 Sort the rice and wash it make sure water is completely drained out.
Step 3 Heat some little charcoal aside if your not using a charcoal jiko like me.
Step 4 Put the coconut milk on fire to boil stirring it periodically till it finally boils.
Step 5 Add the rice, salt and turmeric powder when the coconut milk dries up cover with a lid and put some hot charcoal on top to cook and dry any excess liquid..
Step 6 Alternatively you can add the coconut milk to measure to what will boil the rice to cook, in my case it will be 8 glasses with pishori rice in absence of a charcoal jiko.
Step 7 Serve as desired.
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Meanwhile, the rice is cooked in the coconut milk, with some greens thrown in for good measure. Lastly, the whole thing is crowned with fried shallots The flavor is deep and rich, more complex than the simple spicing would suggest. The secret, if there is one, is to use the best turmeric you can find. Add coconut milk, honey, and ΒΌ cup water. Mix fish sauce and noodles into broth; season with salt if needed.