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Easy Yummy Afang soup with a fresh taste Nigerian Food

Tasty Food Afang soup with a fresh taste certainly is one of my favorite nigerian cuisine. Its not hard to make Afang soup with a fresh taste. Tip: it is customary to add water leaves before. Afang soup is one of the most delicious of all efik soups, learn about all the ingredients used for making this soup as well as how to make other Afang soup is fast climbing the top of the list of popular Nigerian soup. OFE AKWU: The Nigerian STEW that Tastes Better than Tomato Stew

Afang soup with a fresh taste

Delicious Food Afang soup with a fresh taste Nigerian Food

Afang Soup is prepared with a generous quantity of Water leaves and the wild. Afang Soup recipe at long last… Yay!!! Afang Soup is one of the most popular traditional Nigerian soups. You can have Afang soup with a fresh taste in 14 ingredients and just 10 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily do that.


1 Take 8 pc of beef.
2 About 1/2 cup of stockfish.
3 Take 10 PC of cow skin.
4 It’s 1 of med smoked shine nose fish.
5 Take 1 cup of periwinkle topped and tailed.
6 Take 4 Pc of cow leg.
7 You need of Water leaves 5 handfuls chopped.
8 Take of Afang leaves (3 cups pounded.
9 It’s 4 Pc of yellow pepper.
10 It’s 30 cl of palm oil.
11 About 1 of crayfish seasoning tablet.
12 About 2 of beef seasoning cubes.
13 About 2 liters of water.
14 It’s of Salt 2 taste.

It is very nutritious, medicinal and native to the Efik people of Nigeria. This is one recipe I've wanted to post for months but I just couldn't get my hands on fresh Periwinkles. Yes, I wanted it to be. Cooking Afang Soup to retain the fresh green color of the vegetables is the real deal I am sharing in this recipe.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Season d beef & cow legs with 2 PC of pepper, beef seasoning and salt.
Step 2 Steam meat in it's own juice till it's almost dry.
Step 3 Add 1/2 liters of water and cook till meat is almost done.
Step 4 Add d stockfish & cow skin & cook fill soft.
Step 5 Add remaing water, crayfish, pepper, crayfish, seasoning and washed smoked fish & allow 2 start boiling then add d periwinkle.
Step 6 Boil 4 anoda 5 min taste 4 salt.
Step 7 Add the palm oil and cook for 2-3 min.
Step 8 Add d chopped water leaves & cook for 5 min.
Step 9 Turn off d heat and add d afang & stir properly.
Step 10 Serve with any morsel of choice.

What you have is a soup that is fresh, green and not over cooked. As most of us do not cook a soup like Afang to be consumed at once , reheating still keeps the soup looking and tasting. This is not the first Afang soup post on the blog, there are so many vegetable soup posts already. I decided to add this because I like the sharp taste of Aunty eya plz the background is so inviting and I like it. U guys can ask her to mk the pics more with a plate of soup and not saying she should remove.