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African Food Sharwama Wraps

Traditional African Foods Sharwama Wraps

African Cuisine: Sharwama Wraps

Sharwama Wraps Ingredients

1 sharwama Wrap.
2 large eggs.
3 grilled chicken.
4 onions.
5 fresh pepper.
6 green bell pepper.
7 red bell pepper.
8 salt.
9 olive oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Debone grilled chicken and set aside, dice onions, green bell pepper, red bell pepper and fresh pepper and set aside; break egg whisk in salt and set aside.
Step 2 Heat up frying pan, once its hot add olive oil and then stir in onions, after 2 mins stir in pepper, bell pepper and then the eggs scramble after adding the shredded chicken;.
Step 3 Turn off heat once scrambled egg is ready..
Step 4 Heat up grill and while its heating up, spread sharwama bread in a plate and toss in the scrambled egg after wards wrap it and place in the grill for about 5mins.
Step 5 Serve wraps afterwards.
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