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African Cuisine Egg Shawama

African Food Egg Shawama

African Food: Egg Shawama

Egg Shawama Ingredients

1 small sized Cabbage.
2 Carrots.
3 Titus fish.
4 Onion.
5 Spring onions.
6 Cucumber.
7 Eggs.
8 Butter.
9 Salt.
10 Maggi.
11 Fresh tomatoes.
12 Butter.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash and Boil fish with onion,Maggi and salt.boil for 7minutes..
Step 2 Mash it and keep aside..
Step 3 Wash the carrots,Cucumber,spring onion and slice..
Step 4 Wash and slice the fresh tomatoes..
Step 5 I used small butter to stir fry the onions and small tomatoes. Add a pinch of salt maggi for taste.
Step 6 Remove from pan,Wash pan so that the egg will be neat.break egg in a bowl and beat till is foamy..
Step 7 Heat up the pan,put small butter after 30seconds and pour your egg.ensure it doesn't scatter cos of folding. Turn the egg and ensure the two sides are done.turn off fire..
Step 8 Then pour the carrots,Cucumber,cabbage,mashed fish and fresh tomatoes.and fold.
Step 9 U need to add the filing on one side so the folding won't b difficult. Mine was a bit difficult cos I added the filling everywhere..
Step 10 Fold and enjoy.
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