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Traditional African Foods Traditional Zarda

African Food Traditional Zarda

African Cuisine: Traditional Zarda

Traditional Zarda Ingredients

1 Rice.
2 sugar.
3 Cardamom.
4 Oil.
5 Nuts as required.
6 Khoya as required.
7 Zarda food color.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak rice. In a pot boil water. Add Zarda color in water..
Step 2 As soon as water start boiling add rice in it. Let them cook till one kani left..
Step 3 Strain rice and set aside..
Step 4 In a pot add oil and cardamom. Let it crackle..
Step 5 Add sugar and 2 tbsp water, melt sugar..
Step 6 Add rice in sugar syrup.Let it cook till water dries completely..
Step 7 Add khoya and nuts. Simmer it for 5_10 minutes..
Step 8 Serve hot after garnishing.I have used glazed fruits on top..
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