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Traditional African Foods Traditional Sweet Rice

Traditional African Foods Traditional Sweet Rice

African Dish: Traditional Sweet Rice

Traditional Sweet Rice Ingredients

1 Rice.
2 Jaggery/gud.
3 ghee.
4 fennel seeds crashed.
5 green Elachi powder.
6 Dry fruits your choice.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash and soaked rice. Take a pan. Put more water. Boiling water put rice and cook 80%.stained extra water..
Step 2 Take a pan. Pour water and jaggery. Melt. Gas off. Stained..
Step 3 Take a kdai. Pour ghee. Heat. Put fennel seeds, and dry fruits, fry and pour jaggery syrup. Boiling. Put rice and cook 5 minutes.cover with lid on the Sim gas..
Step 4 Serve hot. Spread dry fruits your choice..
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