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African Food Sharwama

Traditional African Foods Sharwama

West African Foods: Sharwama

Sharwama Ingredients

1 Sharwama bread.
2 Cabbage.
3 Carrot.
4 Chicken breast.
5 Mayonnaise.
6 Ketchup.
7 Grounded chilli or black pepper.
8 Seasoning.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Cut the chicken breast into cubes, add seasoning and spices to your taste. Add a little vegetable oil in a pan and fry until it's done..
Step 2 Wash and shred your cabbage and carrots and set aside.
Step 3 In a bowl, mix ketchup and mayonnaise together, add the pepper, your cabbage and carrots, then your chicken. Mix all ingredients together to combine well..
Step 4 Get your sharwama bread, separate it,and place one on the other. Add your salad mix, then roll it. Repeat the process for the whole bread, and put in the oven for 2 mins. In the absence of oven, you can use a non sticky frying pan, allow it dry then put your sharwama..
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