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So Yummy Ofe okazi with achara and egusi balls Nigerian Food

So Tasty Ofe okazi with achara and egusi balls no doubt is one of my favorite nigerian food. I always use this special recipe to serve Ofe okazi with achara and egusi balls. Soak the stockfish and dry fish with cool or lukewarm water to soften. Add some of the fish stock to the egusi and mix till a thick dough is formed. Mold the egusi dough Add the boiled akpuruakpu egusi, achara, okazi and the fish we took out earlier.

Ofe okazi with achara and egusi balls

Yummy Food Ofe okazi with achara and egusi balls Nigerian Cuisine

Today I am going to share my recipy for this exotic tradional Egusi and Okazi soup called "Agbara atii" This soup is made with Ukpo ( soup thickner) and. Ofe Okazi is the soup to try if you are looking to step out of your comfort zone with cooking. Some dishes I try once for the education and experience, and Pre made akpuruakpu mgbam – egusi balls. You can simply cook Ofe okazi with achara and egusi balls by following 11 ingredients and just 12 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 It’s of Beef.
2 Approximately of stockfish.
3 Prepare of dryfish.
4 About of crayfish.
5 Approximately of Achi (thickner).
6 It’s leaves of okazi.
7 Take of Palm oil.
8 Approximately to taste of salt.
9 Prepare of dry pepper.
10 Approximately of Maggi (seasoning).
11 Take of Achara (bamboo stick).

Learn how click HERE Okporoko – stock fish Dry fish – like azu mbasa or mangala Ground crayfish. It's important to season the egusi very well so that the mgbam will not taste bland when one bites into it. Add some of the fish stock to the egusi and mix till a thick. ERIMERI NDI IGBO: Ofe Achara (Achara Soup Recipe).

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Ground the egusi with little dry pepper only.
Step 2 Mix the grounded egusi with warm water and knead.
Step 3 Mould the egusi into little balls, and cook for 5-7mins in water.
Step 4 Boil your meat and stockfish with seasonings,and crayfish.
Step 5 Add your Palm oil, When your meat is ready One cooking spoonful is enough.
Step 6 Add your Achi, be careful
not to make it too thick, because it's not a thick soup neither is it watery Just in between.. 😂.
Step 7 Then add your egusi balls.
Step 8 Break your bamboo stick (achara) in small cuts with your hands, rinse with clean water and add to the pot.
Step 9 Cook for 3-4mins.
Step 10 Add your okazi leaves.
Step 11 Stir together and cover for 5mins Because the leaves are usually hard.
Step 12 Serve hot with fufu or garri.

Then break the tender part into small pieces. Any part of the shoot that is not brittle (easily breakable), should be discarded. The akpurakpu egusi or Ofe Achara is a traditional recipe that is peculiar to natives of Abia state. The process requires making egusi into disc-like shapes using a There are many ways to prepare egusi soup and there are many other seeds called thickeners combined with egusi to make a delicious soup. Ofe Achara with Akpuruakpu Egusi (Mgbam)