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African Food Turkish shawarma

African Cuisine Turkish shawarma

West African Foods: Turkish shawarma

Turkish shawarma Ingredients

1 chicken boneless.
2 Onion, sliced.
3 Cucumber, sliced thinly.
4 Tomatoes sliced.
5 Khaboos /pita bread.
6 Sumac an Arabic herb.
7 Haldi powder.
8 Garlic paste.
9 Red chilli powder.
10 Cinnamon powder.
11 Cardamom powder.
12 Curd.
13 Tomato paste.
14 Jeera powder.
15 Salt.
16 Lemon.
17 Mayonnaise.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Take boneless chicken marinate it with salt, cinnamon powder, cardamom powder, jeera powder, red chilli powder, haldi powder, sumac and mix well..
Step 2 Now add curd, lemon, tomato paste, garlic paste and keep it overnight for marination..
Step 3 Slice and keep ready all veggies sprinkled with sumac and also french fries..
Step 4 Now on skewers put in the chicken and cook in a pan. Remove and cut the flavourful chicken into small pieces..
Step 5 Now take khaboos or the pita bread or you may even take simple homemade roti, assemble all the ingredients. Firstly, the chicken goes above the sliced and seasoned veggies with sumac then the fries then mayonnaise. Then roll them cover into a butter paper. You will surely enjoy the super flavors..
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