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African Cuisine Grilled chicken Shawarma

African Cuisine Grilled chicken Shawarma

African Food: Grilled chicken Shawarma

Grilled chicken Shawarma Ingredients

1 Some leftover grilled chicken shredded(2 cups).
2 potato fries homemade.
3 tomatoes julienne cut.
4 onions julienne cut.
5 cabbage julienne cut.
6 capsicum julienne cut.
7 fresh green chillies.
8 Salt and pepper.
9 garam masala powder.
10 red chilli powder.
11 vinegar.
12 oil.
13 For the sauce:.
14 chilli garlic sauce/ ketchup.
15 garlic mayonnaise.
16 yoghurt.
17 Salt and pepper.
18 For wraps:.
19 Simple Flour dough.
20 For smokey flavour:.
21 coal.
22 clarified butter/ ghee.
23 For serving:.
24 Homemade pickled carrots and cucumbers.
25 Any fresh juice.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 In a non-stick wok add oil and vegetables. Sauté the vegetables for about 5 mins. Then add shredded chicken and the spices..
Step 2 Add vinegar and mix everything nicely. You can give smokey flavour by putting burnt coal and add 1 tsp pure ghee on it. Cover with lid for 2-3 mins..
Step 3 Now make small ball from the flour dough and roll out simply like plain chapati. (tortilla).
Step 4 Roll out thin enough. Make simple roti (tortilla) on low flame..
Step 5 Now make the sauce in a bowl by adding the ingredients (ketchup, yoghurt and mayonnaise).
Step 6 On each tortilla wrap, add some sauce then add the chicken mixture and some fries. Wrap tightly and you can cover it with kitchen tissues or parchment paper..
Step 7 Serve with any drinks and fries..
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