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West African Foods Simple Chicken Shawarma Rolls

African Cuisine Simple Chicken Shawarma Rolls

African Food: Simple Chicken Shawarma Rolls

Simple Chicken Shawarma Rolls Ingredients

1 leftover chapati.
2 boneless chicken.
3 Mayonnaise.
4 tomato ketchup.
5 medium sized chopped onion.
6 medium sized seedless chopped tomato.
7 medium sized chopped capsicum.
8 salt.
9 Black pepper pwder.
10 butter.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Chopped all vegetables add in the bowl. Boil chicken with little water then shredded it..
Step 2 Add salt and Mayonnaise in vegetables. Then add shredded chicken. Mix well..
Step 3 Pour tomato ketchup on chapati. Add 1 spoon of mixture on it..
Step 4 Then fold it. From 3 sides (look pics).
Step 5 Add some butter on tawa shallow fry rolls on it. Then serve hot..
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