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West African Foods Traditional Thattai

African Dish Traditional Thattai

West African Foods: Traditional Thattai

Traditional Thattai Ingredients

1 Raw rice flour.
2 Gram daal.
3 Urad dal.
4 Asafoetida.
5 Turmeric powder.
6 Salt.
7 Chilli powder.
8 Curry leaves: 1 leaflet.
9 Ghee.
10 Water.
11 Oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Dry roast Gram dal and curry leaves separately in a pan..
Step 2 Grind Urad dal to fine powder and Gram dal to coarse powder..
Step 3 Pour all items – Raw rice, Urad dal powder, Gram dal powder, Turmeric, Chilli powder, Asafoetida, Salt and Ghee in a vessel. Mix well. Make it dough pouring limited water slowly..
Step 4 Make small balls out of dough..
Step 5 Apply oil in back side of a plate and prepare flat rounds by pressing balls with palm..
Step 6 Fry well till you get golden colour in both the sides..
Step 7 Remove excess oil using metal strainer. Enjoy tasty Thattai with hot coffee..
Step 8 Note: —— 1. Butter could be used instead of Ghee for better softness. 2. Adjust Chilli powder and salt as per taste..
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