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Traditional African Foods Oha soup and garri

African Dish Oha soup and garri

West African Foods: Oha soup and garri

Oha soup and garri Ingredients

1 Meat.
2 Oha.
3 Salt.
4 Achi.
5 Pepper.
6 Crayfish.
7 Palmoil.
8 Maggi.
9 Ogiri.
10 Uziza seeds.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Shred the oha leaves,season and boil meat..
Step 2 Top up water in the boiled meat add palmoil and boil very well..
Step 3 Sprinkle in achi boil untill is a thick add pepper,maggi cubes,uziza seeds,crayfish,salt and ogiri.boil very well..
Step 4 Add the oha leaves stir and simmer for 2minutes.boil water and pour over garri in a bowl.
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