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Traditional African Foods Traditional Rabdi

African Dish Traditional Rabdi

African Cuisine: Traditional Rabdi

Traditional Rabdi Ingredients

1 full fat milk.
2 sugar.
3 malai peda (optional).
4 milk powder.
5 sliced pistachio for garnish.
6 vermicelli baskets for serving.
7 orange segments for garnish.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In a heavy bottom pan take 2 litre milk & boil it on slow flame till it reduces a little, then add milk powder & wish constantly so that no lumps are formed. Cook this again on low flame till it becomes half the quantity..
Step 2 Then grate 2 malai pedas & add sugar & cook on low flame for 10min more and switch off the gas, Rabdi thicken a little on cooling so don't cook it for too long on flame..
Step 3 Switch off the gas & let the mixture cook completely then refrigerate it for 2-3 hours, pour it into vermicelli basket & garnish with pistachio & orange & serve..
Step 4 Note- Adding malai peda will give Rabdi that beautiful grainy texture & also help it thicken..
Step 5 Note- I have not added any elichy because I prefer it without elichy, however you can add 2 pinches of elichy to flavour the Rabdi..
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