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So Delicious Banga soup and starch 😍😍 Nigerian Dish

So Delicious Banga soup and starch 😍😍 must be our favorite nigerian food. This is my secret recipe to make Banga soup and starch 😍😍. This Banga soup is one of many delta state soups in Nigeria. While it is indigenous to the Deltas, it is also loved and enjoyed by both People from Edo state and While banga soup (as in this case) goes with starch, eba or fufu. The two are prepared the exact same way; the difference is just the spices.

Banga soup and starch 😍😍

So Yummy Banga soup and starch 😍😍 Nigerian Cuisine

Finally the Banga soup recipe has arrived and I'm soooo nice, there's a bonus section on how to make starch and another section on how to chop am! C'mon, starch is food for royalty! Some of you are asking "shey na the starch wey dem dey use for cloth you dey chop" ? You can simply cook Banga soup and starch 😍😍 in 10 ingredients and only 6 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make that.


1 Prepare 1/2 of painter of palm fruits.
2 About of Cat fish.
3 Approximately of Cow tail.
4 About 1 cup of periwinkles.
5 Take 2 of stock cubes.
6 Prepare 3 tablespoon of dry pepper.
7 Approximately 1 of medium sized onion.
8 It’s leaves of Beletientien.
9 You need of Banga spices.
10 About to taste of Salt.

Banga Soup or Ofe Akwu is the Nigerian Soup / Stew prepared with palm fruits. It can be used to eat fufu meals or used as stew for the white rice and boiled yam In the Niger Delta areas, Banga soup is commonly eaten with various fufu recipes: Starch, Pounded Yam, Semolina, Garri and Cassava Fufu. Nigerian soups are the trademarks of the ethnic group they originate from. Most Nigerians soups incorporate many vegetables and protein, and are usually finished off with palm oil or a stew/sauce.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Season your fish with salt, pepper, onion and seasoning cube. Set on fire and cook for about 5min. Remove from the pot and set aside. Repeat same procedure with your cow tail. Use pressure pot to cook my meat so I had to cook both the fish and meat separately..
Step 2 Next, wash your palm fruits, add water and set on fire. Cook till tender and pound. Add water and mash with you hand. Place a sieve on the pot and pour your extract to get your juice..
Step 3 Place your pot fire and bring to a boil. Then add your remaining pepper and leave to cook till it's a little bit thick..
Step 4 Add your precooked meat and fish. Add your spices and beletientien and lastly your periwinkle. Leave to simmer for about 1min. Your soup is ready..
Step 5 For your starch, miss your starch like you do your paper with water. The mixture should be water so as not to allow it be hard. Place a pot on fire. Add your palm oil, all
ow to hit up a little and your content into the pot. Then start stirring constantly till it done and caked like your semo. Your starch is ready..
Step 6 Enjoy your starch and Banga soup 😍😍😍🙌🙌.

Today Nigerians across communities enjoy all types of soups available. Read Soup Souping: The Essential Soup Recipes And Cookbook: Delicious Soup And Souping Recipes. Banga Soup is a Nigerian soup that is native to the Southernarts of Nigeria. It is very similar to the Igbo's Ofe Akwu, but the additional spices used for preparing Banga Soup, makes it differ in taste and aroma. Banga soup is known by several namesit is called izuwo amedi in Urhobo language and.