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African Cuisine Executive Calcium Oha Soup

West African Foods Executive Calcium Oha Soup

African Dish: Executive Calcium Oha Soup

Executive Calcium Oha Soup Ingredients

1 Brisket Bone.
2 Beef.
3 Picked Oha Leaves 500g.
4 Picked Uziza.
5 Ground Crayfish1cksp.
6 Palm Oil 2cksp.
7 Yellow Scotch Bonnet Pepper.
8 Seasoning.
9 Salt.
10 Oat Flour(thickener).
11 Ogiri.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash and marinate beef and brisket bone separately for 1hr,cook separately for 7-10mins,set aside.Melt oat flour in water to get a medium textured paste, set aside,mix beef and brisket bone together,add more water to desired choice of consistency,add palm oil,crayfish,ogiri,seasoning,pepperbring to boil,meanwhile,rinse and did ain Oha but rinse and slice uziza leaves,once it boils add thickener,stir, taste to adjust with salt,cook for 3mins,add Oha,stir,don't cover,coOK for 1mins,add uziza,stir.
Step 2 Cook for 1min,turn off heat,plate,enjoy with fav morsel.
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