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African Dish Oha Soup Recipe

African Dish Oha Soup Recipe

West African Foods: Oha Soup Recipe

Oha Soup Recipe Ingredients

1 2 lbs Beef.
2 leaves Plucked Oha.
3 Half cup palm oil.
4 Dried fish.
5 2 tbs crayfish.
6 2 tbs dried pepper.
7 3 tbs achi thickener.
8 Salt.
9 Seasoning.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In a pot, add cut and washed beef. Then add dried pepper, crayfish, and salt and seasoning to taste. Add water a level a bit over the beef and stir. Cover the pot and allow to cook..
Step 2 When the beef is halfway cooked, add palm oil, stir and allow to cook for about 5 mins, then add dried fish..
Step 3 Dissolve achi in a bit of water and add to the pot and stir. In the absence of Achi, you can use another soup thickener available. Allow to cook for about 2 mins..
Step 4 Add plucked Oha leaves to the pot, stir, and allow cook for 5 mins and you Oha Soup is ready. It is imperative that the leaves are plucked, not sliced or pounded, the leaves are to remain whole to avoid a bitter taste..
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