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Traditional African Foods Traditional Bengali Shinni

African Dish Traditional Bengali Shinni

African Cuisine: Traditional Bengali Shinni

Traditional Bengali Shinni Ingredients

1 whole wheat flour.
2 gur/jaggery or sugar.
3 grated coconut.
4 unboiled milk.
5 raisins.
6 cashewnuts.
7 bananas.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Mash the bananas and gur or sugar together in a bowl till gur is dissolved.Add wheat flour and slowly add the milk.Adjust milk according to thickness required.Add grated coconut.If making for puja,a pinch of crushed camphor may be added.Add chopped nuts and raisins.To make it more delicious 2 pieces of kalakand or khowa may be added.After puja,if needed add some more milk.Delicious prasad or dessert is ready to be served..
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