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African Dish Thick Vegetable Soup

African Dish Thick Vegetable Soup

African Cuisine: Thick Vegetable Soup

Thick Vegetable Soup Ingredients

1 Meat.
2 Stock fish.
3 Dry fish.
4 Crayfish.
5 Pepper.
6 leaf Water.
7 leaf Vegetable.
8 cubes Knorr.
9 Salt.
10 Palm oil.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Stem the meat and stock fish with seasons for it to be soft not over soft no water.
Step 2 Add your crayfish and pepper with your sliced water leaf cover it to cook for 20mins. the water leaf will boil out water.
Step 3 After which u add your fish and palm oil stir it together and cover to cook for few mins then u add your knorr cubes and salt to taste allow it to boil very well.
Step 4 Finally u add the sliced vegetable leaf cook for few mins and bring it down u can serve with EBA or white rice.
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