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African Food Spicy GOAT MEAT IN Vegetable Soup

African Dish Spicy GOAT MEAT IN Vegetable Soup

West African Foods: Spicy GOAT MEAT IN Vegetable Soup

Spicy GOAT MEAT IN Vegetable Soup Ingredients

1 kilo goat meat.
2 kilo brown cow skin(pomo).
3 big snails.
4 cuts okporoko (stockfish).
5 I medium smoked tilapia fish.
6 removed Periwinkles.
7 ugwu leaves, Wash, strained and sliced.
8 water leaves. Picked, washed, strained, sliced.
9 grounded crayfish.
10 fresh yellow pepper.
11 black.pepper.
12 bullion cubes.
13 Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash your goat meat…season with garlic, salt, pepper, onions, and cook till tender…before then, u can throw in the pomo and snails everything cooks and seasons well together…
Step 2 If the meat lack stock, you can add just a little but of water, add the stockfish to cook and also till tender…add the thinly sliced water leaves into the pot, add the one half cups of palm oil..stir it and allow to continue cooking for 3 mins..
Step 3 Next add in the washed smoked fish, and ugu leaves,! And removed Periwinkles., grounded yellow pepper and black pepper. And stir it Up properly…crumble in the bullion cubes, add the crayfish last give it the final stir and voila your spicy goat meat vegetable soup is ready…..
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