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Traditional African Foods Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai

African Dish Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai

African Food: Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai

Traditional Patiala Glass Kesar Thandai Ingredients

1 milk.
2 almonds.
3 cashews.
4 pistachios.
5 kesar.
6 khus khus.
7 melon seeds.
8 saunf.
9 green elaichi/ cardamom pods (crushed).
10 black pepper(crushed).
11 ice cubes (hand crushed).
12 sugar.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 In a deep pan take milk & boil till becomes half..
Step 2 Add sugar & kesar strands.Mix well & let it boil..
Step 3 For Thandai Masala- Soak almonds, cashews, khus khus,melon seeds,saunf, pistachios in water for 5 hours..
Step 4 Grind green cardamom pods/ elaichi & black pepper in a mortak, pestle & add in milk..
Step 5 Once our thandai masala is been properly soaked,grind it in fine paste..
Step 6 Add the paste to the milk & boil for 15 mints more, then turn off the flame..
Step 7 Let it cool on room temperature. Pour the thandai to the glasses..
Step 8 Take 2 ice cubes in each glass & crushed it on a cloth..
Step 9 Add randomly crushed ice to the glass..
Step 10 Enjoy the traditional patiyala glass kesar thandai..
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