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Traditional African Foods Traditional Greens (Mboga Kienyeji)

African Cuisine Traditional Greens (Mboga Kienyeji)

African Cuisine: Traditional Greens (Mboga Kienyeji)

Traditional Greens (Mboga Kienyeji) Ingredients

1 terere.
2 kunde.
3 sukuma wiki.
4 managu.
5 spinach.
6 cooking oil.
7 large onions.
8 large tomatoes.
9 whole cream/milk.
10 Salt.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Remove the stalks from your mboga and cut to desired size. Place in a sufuria and boil for 20-30min until tender, then drain off water..
Step 2 In another sufuria, heat oil and add onions then cook until tender and translucent..
Step 3 Add your onions and salt (I also like to add a bit of black pepper coz it's magic 😁) then cover until tomatoes soften..
Step 4 Now add your greens and mix well. Lower heat and let them incorporate the onion/tomato mixture for 5min..
Step 5 Add your cream/milk at this point and mix well, then cover and cook for about 10min. I usually buy my milk from someone who keeps cows so the cream from boiling it comes in handy 😉.
Step 6 Remove from heat and serve with ugali or as a side dish. At this point my kids started throwing tantrums so I forgot to take photos of the finished product haha. I'll update you guys next time. Enjoy!!!.
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