obgono soup with beef and ice fish recipe main photo

So Yummy Obgono soup with beef and ice fish Nigerian Cuisine

Best Food Ever: Obgono soup with beef and ice fish no doubt is our favorite nigerian cuisine. Today we will prepare Obgono soup with beef and ice fish. Okro/Ogbono soup with goat meat, Snail, okporoko , ice-fish and dry fish. A simple and quick recipe for Vietnamese Noodle Soup with Beef. There are lots of basic recipes in the book, but a good selection of recipes with International flavors.

Obgono soup with beef and ice fish

So Yummy Obgono soup with beef and ice fish Nigerian Cuisine

However, shrimps, Lamb Meat, goat meat, or any other meat or fish of choice can be used. Add the palm oil and the shrimps and the minced and sliced okro. The beef soup base flavored by spices and herbs is the key step of a successful ho fun beef noodle soup. You can simply prepare Obgono soup with beef and ice fish by following 11 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily make it.


1 It’s 1/2 of kilo of beef.
2 Approximately 2 of ice fish.
3 It’s 6 of peas of dry stuck fish.
4 About leaf of Bitter.
5 About 1 of big onion bulb.
6 Prepare 7 of royco cubes.
7 About 1 spoon of crayfish blended.
8 It’s 1 spoon of dry pepper blended.
9 It’s to taste of Salt.
10 It’s 1 cup of palm oil.
11 Take 1 cup of ogbono blended.

Heat up oil and fry ginger, green onion and garlic. This Chinese beef stew is an easy make-ahead recipe that requires little prep and you'll have delicious dinners for the next couple of days. The beef is braised in a rich savory broth with potatoes and carrots until super tender and flavorful. Turn heat under soup to medium, and add beef; stir once, and then turn off heat. (The meat is traditionally left rare; if you want to cook it more, go ahead, but these slices will cook Add fish sauce or soy sauce and plenty of pepper to the soup.

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Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Wash meat,fish,stuck very well put all in a clean pot put blended pepper,onions,Maggie salt and crayfish,add water..
Step 2 Place on fire add little water allow to steam for 20 minutes, mixed your blended ogbono with palm oil very well add more water in the pot.
Step 3 Allow it to boil you then add the blended mixed ogbono into the boiling water,.
Step 4 Allow it to cooked for 10 minutes,add up your bitter leaf live it for 1 minute and your ogbono yummy is ready,usually eating with semolina,semolina.or even pauded yam..

Taste, and add salt or more seasoning, if necessary. Beef Noodle Soup is not just a clever name-it's loaded with beef and a protein-lover's dream Remove the beef brisket and transfer into a large bowl of ice water. Rotate in the ice water and let Serve this amazing Beef Noodle Soup with the fresh herbs and
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