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Delicious Food Rich okro soup Nigerian Cuisine

Yummy Food Rich okro soup certainly is our favorite nigerian dish. I will guide you to make Rich okro soup. Okra (Okro) Soup is a farm fresh soup recipe prepared with green vegetables. Do you know how to prepare it so that the vegetables look yummy in the plate? Cut the okro fingers into tiny pieces.

Rich okro soup

So Yummy Rich okro soup Nigerian Food

Okro soup is a very popular and delicious stew that is loved by the majority of the people, in West Spinach is rich in vitamin C. It's also packed with numerous antioxidants and beta carotene, which. This Soup is tagged *Rich man's Soup * Sis, I love the way you boiled the meat without adding water, the juice released will make the Soup even more Delicious and. You can easily cook Rich okro soup by following 14 ingredients and only 7 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook it.


1 About of Okro.
2 Approximately of Vegetable oil.
3 Prepare of Beef.
4 About of Kpomo.
5 About of Crayfish (grounded).
6 Take of Salt (to taste).
7 About of Seasoning.
8 You need of Scotch bonnet (atarugu).
9 You need of Offal.
10 Take of Iced Fish (Mackerel/Titus),.
11 Approximately of Ginger.
12 You need of Onions (optional).
13 About of Shrimps (optional).
14 Prepare of Spinach.

Okro soup (okra soup) is a delicious West African soup popularly eaten in Nigeria. Okro soup is usually eaten with fufu but I make mine so thick and love to eat a bowl by itself. Okra or Okro soup is prepared using the edible green seed pods of the okra flowering plant as a primary ingredient. Okra has a slippery feel when rubbed with the fingers.

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Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 1. Cut the okro fingers into tiny pieces..
Step 2 .
Step 3 2. Wash the spinach leaves, if it is your choice of vegetable, and cut into tiny pieces. If you will use frozen spinach, defrost and cut into tiny pieces. 9.
Step 4 Cooking Instructions* 1. Wash and boil offal, beef, kpomo till it is done. Once the offal and beef are well-done, add the iced fish, onion and stock cubes and cook till done..
Step 5 2. Pour red palm oil in another pot and heat the pot to dissolve the oil if it is congealed. Add the diced okra and start frying to kick-start the drawing process, add some meat stock from time to time till you notice the okro start to draw. This process should take a maximum of 5 mins to avoid over-cooking the okro..
Step 6 3. Now add the vegetable and stir well. Add all the meat and fish, crayfish, shrimps, scotch bonnet, seasoning and salt to taste. Then stir well..
Step 7 4. Cover the cooking pot and leave to simmer and it is ready to be served..

The edible green seed pods can also be used in stews and soups. Okro Soup African-style loaded with shrimp , oxtails with or without Egusi. The sumptuous Okro soup can be used to eat the following * Eba * Pounded Yam *…» Okra or okro soup is a mixture of ingredients that are rich in protein and vitamins. It is a combination of meat and vegetables fused together in the right conditions to make a sumptuous meal. Okro soup is one of the most popular delicacies in Nigeria.