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Traditional African Foods Fresh Vegetable soup

African Food Fresh Vegetable soup

African Dish: Fresh Vegetable soup

Fresh Vegetable soup Ingredients

1 Vegetable(ugu)(sliced).
2 Ukazi(sliced).
3 big bulb Onion.
4 red oil.
5 Knorr cubes.
6 big sized Stockfish.
7 Titus smoked fish.
8 Crayfish(blended).
9 Fresh red pepper.
10 Waterleaves.
11 Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Soak the vegetable(ugu) add salt and rinse with water twice..
Step 2 Rinse the ukazi and pound in a mortar..
Step 3 Boil the stockfish with salt and onion till is very soft..
Step 4 Soak and rinse the waterleaves with enough water and salt..
Step 5 Bleach the red oil and fry the onion,then pour in the waterleaves..
Step 6 Stir with a wooden spoon,allow to fry till the water reduced very well.Put the stockfish without the stock..
Step 7 Pour in the crayfish,Fresh pepper,debone the smoked fish and put.Add knorr cubes and salt.Stir and allow to boil..
Step 8 After 15minutes,put the ukazi stir and allow the ukazi to soften..
Step 9 Then the vegetable(ugu).Stir and turn off the heat..
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