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Tasty Food My signature okra soup Nigerian Food

Easy Delicious My signature okra soup undoubtedly is our favorite nigerian cuisine. I will guide you to make My signature okra soup. Okra soup is usually served with any form of "Swallow". Okra soups became signature and staple dishes throughout the South. It is hard to know where the family tree starts and where it stops.

My signature okra soup

Delicious Food My signature okra soup Nigerian Food

Wash the beef and fish, season with a half teaspoon of salt, two seasoning cubes and half cup of sliced onions. allow them to boil together for. Just like ogbono soup and Ewedu soup, Okro soup has a viscous texture which makes it an acquired taste. Talking about Ogbono soup – this is a Okra soup is often classically made with beef (beef parts) and fish. You can simply cook My signature okra soup by following 8 ingredients and just 4 steps. Here is cooking guidance how you can easily cook that.


1 Prepare of Okra.
2 About of Grounded red bonnet pepper, onions and tattase.
3 Take of Boiled meat.
4 It’s of Signature maggi seasoning.
5 Prepare Cube of maggi crayfish.
6 Take of Mr chef beef maggi cube /maggi naija pot.
7 Prepare of Vegetable oil /palm oil.
8 Approximately of Grounded crayfish.

However, shrimps, Lamb Meat, goat meat, or any other meat or fish of choice can be. Okra (Okro) Soup is a farm fresh soup recipe prepared with green vegetables. Do you know how to prepare it so that the vegetables look yummy in the Okra Soup is one of the quickest and easiest Nigerian soups to prepare. Some argue that a lot of work goes to the cutting of the two vegetables.

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Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Boil the grounded red bonnet etc, fry with vegetable oil. In another pot heat palm oil.
Step 2 Add grated okra fry a little and add the crayfish fry for like 10mins.
Step 3 Add the fried scotch bonnet pepper and onions etc add meat stock and whisk.
Step 4 Add one cube of maggi crayfish,naija pot and Mr chef maggi cube stir and finally add the signature maggi seasoning allow it to cook until done. Serve with semo and enjoy.

Growing up Okra Soup was on my list of reviled sauce; when okra soup was on the menu at home. I would often eat bread or Garri, for sustenance So okra and okro are pretty much the same thing. Here is a one of my healthier take on Okro soup. It consists of okra, spinach, crayfish, meat, and egusi. Okro Soup with Native Uzuza leaf and Snails.