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West African Foods Veg soup

African Cuisine Veg soup

West African Foods: Veg soup

Veg soup Ingredients

1 1 kg beef.
2 2 bunch pumpkin leaf (sliced).
3 1 bunch waterleaf (sliced).
4 1/2 cup palm oil.
5 5 scotch bonnet pepper (blend).
6 1 onion bulb chopped.
7 4 knorr cube.
8 3 tablespoon crayfish.
9 to taste Salt.

Cooking Instructions

Step 1 Wash beef very well with salt then add into a clean pot,add knorr cube,salt,water allow to boil for 15min.
Step 2 Then add onion,pepper,crayfish allow to boil for 4min..
Step 3 Add palm oil after 3min add waterleaf then for 4 more min add pumpkin leaf stir after 2min..
Step 4 The vegetables soup is ready..
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