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African Cuisine Vegetable soup (edikaikong)

African Cuisine Vegetable soup (edikaikong)

West African Foods: Vegetable soup (edikaikong)

Vegetable soup (edikaikong) Ingredients

1 sliced 1 bunch of ugu leaf.
2 Sliced water leaf half of the ugu leaf quantity.
3 4 white ponmo (i prefer white ponmo).
4 1 big head oporoko(stock fish).
5 hand full crayfish(not the tiny once).
6 4 round smoked fish (panla or any one of ur choice).
7 blended pepper(rough blend).
8 1 big onions.
9 Red oil.
10 2 cubes knor chicken.
11 to taste salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Wash ur vegetables well to avoid sand Set aside,.
Step 2 Wash ur ponmo cut into small pieces, wash the oporoko and shred put them all in a pot slice in half of the onions put in one knor chicken and salt to taste add little water to boil.
Step 3 Whilst doing that remove the head of the crayfish and shred the smoked fish. Once the ponmo and the oporoko is soft enuff put it down.
Step 4 Place a clean pot on the gas put in ur red oil once its hot slice the remaining onions in it and add ur rough blend pepper let it fry then add the ponmo oporoko crafish smoke fish and all ur seasoning to taste.
Step 5 Once it simmer well add ur pumpkin leaf turn well let it cook for like 5min and then add the water leaf turn and let it simmer for 2min more then its ready.
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