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African Cuisine Traditional Ratatouille

African Cuisine Traditional Ratatouille

African Dish: Traditional Ratatouille

Traditional Ratatouille Ingredients

1 small eggplant.
2 Green Zucchini.
3 tomatoes.
4 small onions.
5 garlic cloves.
6 medium sized yellow squash.
7 red bell pepper.
8 Salt and black pepper according.

Cooking Guidances

Step 1 Firstly slice all the veggies with the help of a knife in circular rings.
Step 2 Cut the onions and make tomato purée in a mixer grinder.. it should not be completely blended but little thicker.
Step 3 Now take little amount of olive oil in a non stick pan.. roast all the veggies one by one flipping and tossing on both sides but not overcooked.. just for 3-4 minutes.
Step 4 Now sauté onions, when turned pink, added garlic cloves then added tomato purée by adding salt and black pepper..
Step 5 Rich red gravy will be formed.. then added all roasted veggies on top and steam it for another 5 minutes so that all spices aroma is equally spread…
Step 6 Enjoy endlessly with French toast.
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