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African Dish Waina/Masa

African Dish Waina/Masa

African Food: Waina/Masa

Waina/Masa Ingredients

1 White rice 8 milk tin.
2 1 tin Sugar.
3 Onions.
4 2 tbs Yeast.
5 Pinch salt.

Cooking Step by Step

Step 1 Pick and wash the rice,then remove 1 tin of rice n cook then soak the remaining 7tins for 1 hour.
Step 2 Mix the cooked n soak rice and blend it together.
Step 3 Keep the past near heat or under the sun for like two hours(this will make it to rise quickly).
Step 4 Then add yeast, onions and salt,keep for 2 hours n when u are about to start frying add sugar.
Step 5 Put oil into the waina or Masa maker,scoop the paste, allow it to fry n then turn the other side.
Step 6 Continue until you exaust the paste.
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